Office Games Project

What is OfficeGames ?

OfficeGames is a non-commercial project aiming at providing enjoyable games for the browsers of office computer.

Why in the Web browser ?

Because you don't need to, and probably don't want to, install anything on your everyday work machine in order to keep it clean and safe.

Why targetting the office computer ?

There are already plenty of web games able to run on smartphones, tablets and computer in the same time.
OfficeGames focuses on office computers because they tend to be more powerful and have more capabilities than mobile platforms. Our games can take full advantage of 3D and virtual reality (WebVR). They can be displayed on large screens and in full screen and use rich input devices like the mouse, the keyboard, the gamepad or the webcam for instance. This doesn't mean that they won't run on smartphones or tablets, in general they will but for the best experience they are aimed at office computers.

Since they are planned to be played at work, during lunch or other free time, they are designed to be quickly launched and quickly played.

Why another free game Web site ?

Whilst there are already plenty of free game sites, these provide games to be played in a fixed sized window, embedded inside ads panels, usually powered by the Adobe Flash plugin.
A major drawback of these sites is that their games target the maximum number of platforms so they can be played by as many people as possible. To fit every platform their games make limited use of the capabilities of the office computer.
Another drawback of these sites is their need for income to pay the developers, the hosting services and their own wages and so they display loads of ads before, during and after the game in order to get the money. To maximise income they set dozens of cookies and trackers in your browser so the vendor sites can keep on pushing ads even after you have finished playing the game.
In short, they can pollute your browser with things you would not want on your office computer.

With Office Games there are no ads, no third-party cookies, no trackers, no plugins, no installation: OfficeGames aims at keeping your office computer clean.

How do you get paid then ?

We don't.
OfficeGames is a non-commercial project.
Nevertheless, feel free to support the project if you like it by donating
with Paypal : 5 €, 10 €, 20 €, or whatever you want in your prefered currency
with Bitcoin : 1EAWAx8GFhN6bnzT9PrkyhPpV7vGaqc3UL
or Ethereum : 0x3f942D9BfC624426418169B26b2e1a0eE459F8c3

Your contributions will pay the hosting service, the domain name and some coffee for the long coding hours.
By the way, the domain name is and not because it's simply not avalaible.

But why is there only one game ?

Yes, only one game for now. And it's not even finished.

This office game site and game development are still in progress.
As we need your feedback to improve it, we automatically log your computer performances during the first 20 seconds on this game. See the perfs online and don't worry : this log will be deleted once the game is optimized.

We also need your opinion, so please let us know everything you want, notice or need about this game in the BabylonJS forum.

Obviously, other games are planned and will come here.
Every game on this site will be fixed and improved over time, so please come back often to check the changes.

How are these games coded ?

The games are genuine HTML5 games.
This means only the native languages of your browser are used : HTML and Javascript. Nothing more, nothing less.

The 3D games rely on the wonderful and powerful open source Javascript library BABYLON.JS.
Visit their site and their forum forum if you want to learn to code in 3D in your browser.

Advice on playing

Open only one browser at a time and if possible only one tab.
Use the fastest browser of your machine. Test them to find out what's the best one.
Press F11 to play in full screen. If your screen is too big or your computer to slow to run the game at the desired speed, just resize the browser window to a lower size.

Enough speech, take me to the game(s) !

Star Fighter (F11 = fullscreen)